Membership Accreditation Process for Applying Institutions

1. Applying institutions shall submit a letter of application signed by the President of the applying institution addressed to Nationlink’s General Manager or Chief Executive Officer signifying its intent to join the Nationlink Network.

2. Nationlink’s General Manager will respond to the letter of application acknowledging the intent of the institution. The letter will be accompanied by a list of documentary requirements which includes the ff:

a. Brief History of the Institution
b. DTI and SEC Registrations
c. Business Permits / Mayor’s Permits
d. Address of the main office and its branches
e. Profile of the ff:

i. Chairman of the Board
ii. President
iii. Corp Secretary
iv. Treasurer
v. General Manager
vi. Top Management

f. Audited Financial Statements for the last two years
g. If applying institution is a bank or financial institution, approval of the BSP to offer electronic banking services as required by the BSP’s Manual of Regulations of Banks

h. If applying institution is a cooperative, the peso coop rating should at least be 85.

3. Nationlink shall conduct due diligence to assess the viability of the applying institution as a Natiolnink Member. The due diligence will include the ff:

a. Financial Analysis – the capability of the institution to cover the expenses in deploying ATM services
b. Legitimacy of the Business – checking the permits provided by the institution
c. Top Management Profiling – checking the character of top management.


4. Nationlink’s General Manager will prepare the applying institution’s profile and present the profile together with brief due diligence to Nationlink’s Board of Directors for approval. Nationlink’s General Manager shall present his recommendation about the applying institution's application to become a Nationlink Member.

5. It is the sole discretion of Nationlink’s Board of Directors to approve or reject an application of a prospective member.

6. For rejected institutions, the General Manager shall write to the president of the applying institution informing him/her of the decision of the Board of Directors. The letter may include recommendations and resolutions which the applying institution may take to re-apply as a Nationlink Member.

7. For approved institutions, the General Manager shall write to the president of the applying institution informing them of the decision of the board. Since all approved Nationlink members shall obtain IT services from Infoserve, Inc, the letter shall indicate the next steps on how to avail the IT services of Infoserve. The letter will also indicate the contact details of Infoserve personal who will handle the migration of the applying institution.

8. Should the new Nationlink Member wish to become a BancNet member, the following additional requirements will be requested from the member:

a. Bank or Financial Institution must provide a “no objection” notice of the BSP that allows the bank or financial institution to join the BancNet Network
b. Cooperative – Peso Coop Rating must be at least 85


9. If the new member decides to become part of the BancNet Network, Nationlink General Manager shall initiate the application of the new member to become a BancNet – Nationlink Subscriber Member.